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Goal of Human Resource

Establish a professional team with a strong sense of cooperation, qualified professional skills, a strong sense of responsibility, and a strong desire for achievements through the management of human resources. Form a talent development system of self-encouragement, self-discipline, self-management and self-development.

Recruitment and Admission

a. We adhere to the principle of “avoiding relatives in recommendation of talents”, and usually do not recruit family members or relatives of our staffs.

b. Morality and ability are two most important standards in the recruitment. We value education background and experience, but neither of them is the sole criteria.

c. We identify a proper talent structure according to strategies and goals of the company in different periods.

Personnel Policy

a. Evaluate performance of staffs based on their practical competence and potential for development. Those staffs, who are fast and innovative learners, have the courage to deny themselves and challenge the limits, and constantly make outstanding achievements, are excellent talents of China ENFI.

b. Respect but not yield to talents. All talents must be subject to the institutional management and the restraint of institutions.

c. Follow the principle of “appointing those sagacious as top decision makers, those intelligent as the think tank, those competent as the middle-level cadres, and those professionals as the frontline”. Do not stick to a set pattern when selecting talents.

d. Create complementary advantages, a rational structure and joint efforts through personnel allotment.

e. On the basis of open technical channels, provide as many promotion channels as possible, offer equal opportunities for development, and encourage staffs to make achievements through their own efforts.

f. Do not expect anything perfect when selecting talents, encourage staffs to gain achievements, allow them to make mistakes but not the same mistakes.

g. Establish a system in which the staffs take up posts through competition and are prepared for both promotion and demotion; the fittest survives; and those who have made no contribution are regarded as failures. Those staffs, who are arrogant, complacent, make no attempt to make progress, or accomplish nothing, should be persuaded to quit; those who violate the law and discipline should be dismissed.

Performance Management

a. Advocate the responsibility system of performance goals; divide the strategic goal of the company into goals of each department; and divide the departmental goals into individual work plans.

b. The performance assessment is based on the longitudinal assessment of superiors on subordinates while taking the transverse assessment as supplementary. Follow the principal of “impersonal, scientific, fair and open”. The performance assessment is an important basis for calculation of salary, adjustment of posts, and implementation of training.

c. Cadres at all levels pay high attention to the management of performance process to promote the staffs’ performance.

Salary Incentive

Principles for salary management and distribution

a. Respect staffs’ reasonable interest requirement; establish a diversified value distribution system which takes performance and capability as orientation, and place material incentives first and spiritual incentives second; provide favorable conditions to excellent staffs and reasonable return to those who have made contributions to the company.

b. The company will give priority to the automatic pay cut system when the company is in depression or suffers from setbacks in its business or development, or according to the needs of its business development to retain key talents and highly dedicated staffs and help the company pull through difficulties.


a. Factors deciding a staff’s salaries include value of the post for the company, actual contributions made by the staff (performance), and the relevant price of the post in the labor market.

b. Staffs at different levels and of different types are subject to different fixed and flexible proportions, and the flexible part is linked up with the performance assessment.


Bonus is the reward for staffs who has made outstanding contributions in the current period or the current year. Deciding factors of bonus include personal performance, departmental performance and economic benefits of the company.

Welfare and Insurance

a. Strictly abide by national laws and regulations, and provide staffs with legal insurances and welfare.

b. Establish a proper welfare system according to the needs of staffs and the affordability of the company; improve the staffs’ safety guarantee, life quality and social reputation. The welfare system includes commercial insurance, paid leave, cultural and sports events, etc.

Learning and Development

Advocate active learning, differential learning, and sharing learning.

a. Advocate changing passive trainings into active learning. On the basis of extensively understanding the needs of staffs for learning, the HR Department offers internal and external learning opportunities, and makes full use of all means to establish a platform for learning while referring to such factors as the company’s strategic orientation, differences between abilities of staffs, budget for training, etc.

b. According to the principle of “needs of post come first, and potential development comes second”, provide learning opportunities to staffs and makes full use of all means to establish a platform for learning.

c. Experience extraction, learning lessons, and knowledge and information sharing are main ways of developing human resources, and examples and verbal instructions in work is the best way of learning. China ENFI advocates learning from and help each other.

Career Paths

a. On the basis of improving technical development paths, gradually establish and open such professional paths as project management, function management, etc. Give a full play to the specialty of each staff, and let them make greater contributions to the development of the company.

b. Everybody is equal in front of opportunities. The promotion of any staff is based on his/her performance and ability. The performance and ability of a staff should match his/her post. With the increase of the sense of responsibility, the ability of the staff should also be improved, and then he/she will enjoy greater power and opportunity of responsibility in China ENFI.

c. Stress openness, fairness and guidance quality, and constantly attract professional talents to the core team of the company.

d. Promote the professional career plan from the highlight to the ordinary and from the top to the bottom.