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Welcome to the ENFI site! Thank you for your attention!

ENFI, short for Beijing Central Engineering Institute for Nonferrous Metallurgical Industries, is well known in the international nonferrous engineering circle.

ENFI grew out of China Nonferrous Engineering and Research Institute and China ENFI Engineering Co., Ltd. The two were the epitome of ENFI keeping abreast of the times, and reflected its features at different times.

ENFI became a subsidiary of the China Metallurgical Group Corporation in 2005.In 2006, China ENFI Engineering Corporation was founded, marking ENFI’s strategic transformation into an international engineering company, and from then on, ENFI embarked on a new stage of development.

ENFI, with a glorious past, becomes stronger with the development of China's nonferrous metals industry. We have spent more than sixty years on a journey replete with stories. This is what we are proud of.

ENFI boasts profound culture that has bred the spirit of seeking truth from facts, an open and inclusive mind, a noble sense of devotion, and an innovative concept of advancing with the times. This is who we are.

ENFI envisions a more splendid future, for we uphold the scientific outlook on development, focus on people, and respect employees, with a view to developing the company in a scientific manner, building harmonious relations between departments, and rendering our employees happiness. This is what we believe.

“Laying a solid foundation, focusing on innovation and entering global market” is the blueprint of ENFI. ENFI is advancing towards a brilliant future on the journey of striving to be the most trustworthy international company specialized in engineering services and resource & energy development!

We hope that you can learn more about ENFI through our website www.enfi.com.cn, a bridge for our communication and cooperation. We are willing to join hands with you and develop together.

Lu Zhifang, Chairman of China ENFI Engineering Corporation